Studio Hire

We have a large studio area with paper pull-down backdrops and a range of Bowens lights and a makeup area for models. Hire is very affordable and we're happy to help with lighting if you're new to studio photography.

What would you like to learn?

Whether you're an amateur photographer who wants to improve their photography, photoshop or studio skills or you're a business owner who'd like to create great new content, We offer 1-2-1 training on all things audio visual
Are you bamboozled by the latest digital cameras? do you struggle to capture the view you see?
Mobile Photo & Video
Mobile phones have some amazing cameras on them these days!
Photoshop & Lightroom
Are you struggling to get your head around Lightroom and Photoshop? Not a problem.
More and more people are turning to video for their own footage and for their business.
You can use a podcast for fun, or they can be a powerful tool to help to promote your business.
Studio photography is often seen as one of the scariest lines of photography, but it doesn't have to be!
Film Photography
Would you like to shoot a roll of 35mm film? Develop it? Print it? Old school photography is most satisfying!

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